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2019 October 14

This jazz combo is still finding their chemistry...

So this one is pretty experimental; the idea is it's some jazz musicians jamming together for the first time; they've learned this standard pretty well but they're just playing around and having fun making stuff up in the solo improv sections in the middle.

Funnily enough, this was actually one of my few musical themes that didn't come from improvising; it came to me in a dream a few months ago. In this dream, someone was showing me a viral video of a jazz combo with a baby doing scat singing in a really low voice; his mouth was edited and synched up to a vocal track to make it look like he was the one singing, and it was this tune. I wrote the tune down when I woke up and eventually found a suitable place for it.

The picture is not me, it's Daniel Thrasher, taken from a video called "when you learn a riff and put it in everything". Right now, I am that character but with the riff that starts at 2:11 in this song. It's just always something that's on my mind when I improvise, for some reason.

(PS. I couldn't ask for a better track to have a soundcloud ID that both starts and ends with 69.)

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