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3 Thoughts: First World Problems

2019 April 262 min read

This is a complaint-heavy one. Think "old man yells at cloud" but it's the internet-type cloud.

- 1 -

Is it just me, or do the people who make "Check the Rhyme"-style rap lyrics analysis videos (an example) have absolutely no idea how rhyme schemes work? They use colour coding to try to highlight rhyming words and phrases, but the point is that each pattern of colours should be repeated precisely across bars, not that you just slap one colour on all syllables that sound vaguely the same regardless of their place in the bar and their role in the rhyme scheme.

Sometimes they give extra colours to syllables that obviously don't fit with the scheme, and sometimes they give the wrong colours to syllables that do fit with the scheme so it looks like the rapper messed up the pattern. Does anyone actually glean any insight into the structure of the rhyme from this stuff, or is it just looking at all the pretty colours and saying "wow rap is complex"?

- 2 -

Has anyone had any success with Musipedia? I've looked up countless melodies there with zero success, no matter how wildly popular the melody is or how accurate and specific I am when I enter it. Here are the completely nonsensical results I got today when I tried to look up that melody from "Funiculì, Funiculà" - which a friend of mine ended up tracing for me instead. I looked it up because I found myself singing the following lyrics to that tune as I was playing online chess:

"okay, this guy sucks as much as me
thank god, this guy sucks as much as me
he sucks, he sucks as much as me, he sucks, he sucks as much as MEEEE
he'd be crushing if he didn't suck as much as me."

- 3 -

Is there anything else we could do to improve your experience with Lucidchart?

Okay so you know how when you snap objects to align with other objects, sometimes you accidentally end up snapping, say, the centre of a 2-pixel-thick vertical line to the right edge of another 2-pixel-thick vertical line, so instead of the line's horizontal position being at, say, 100px, now it's at 101px, and then you keep aligning things and those minute errors pile up and suddenly your whole document is slightly off in different ways and you have severe OCD? Yeah that's me and it happens on draw.io as well and that's why I'm cancelling my free trial. If you're actually reading this then I love you and if you fix it, I will pay.

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